🛡️Badge Value in Launchpad Projects

To further enhance the benefits of being a badge holder in the Shibarium ecosystem, the value of badges in terms of USD and as a percentage will be explicitly disclosed at the launch of each project on the Launchpad. This will provide badge holders with a clear understanding of their potential returns and involvement in the project, empowering them to make informed decisions about their participation.

For each project launched on the SoulTrust Launchpad, the following information about badge value will be provided:

Badge Value in USD: The estimated monetary value of each badge tier will be calculated and displayed in US dollars. This value will be determined based on the projected revenue of the project, the total number of badge holders, and the distribution methods chosen by the community.

Badge Value as a Percentage: In addition to the USD value, the value of each badge tier will also be presented as a percentage of the total revenue to be distributed among badge holders. This percentage will be calculated based on the same factors as the USD value, providing a clear and transparent overview of the potential returns for badge holders.

By disclosing badge value in both USD and as a percentage at the launch of each project, Shibarium ensures that badge holders can make informed decisions about their participation in the project and fully understand the benefits of their involvement in the ecosystem. This approach promotes trust and transparency, which are essential values at the core of the Shibarium project.

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