📚Additional Launchpad Information

The SoulTrust Launchpad aims to provide a unique platform for investors and project founders to connect and collaborate. To ensure the success and quality of projects on the platform, the Launchpad will incorporate the following features:

Comprehensive Due Diligence: The Shibarium team will perform thorough due diligence on all projects that apply for listing on the Launchpad, ensuring that only high-quality and trustworthy projects are presented to the community.

Project Milestones: Projects on the Launchpad will be required to define clear milestones, enabling investors to monitor progress and hold founders accountable for their commitments.

Founder Transparency: Project founders will be encouraged to maintain open communication with the community, regularly sharing updates and engaging with investors through the Shibarium platform.

Community-driven Evaluation: The Shibarium community will have the opportunity to evaluate and provide feedback on projects, helping to identify potential issues and ensure that the best projects receive the necessary support and resources.

By incorporating these features and focusing on trust, transparency, and community involvement, the SoulTrust Launchpad aims to create a secure and rewarding environment for both investors and project founders.

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